Wbahan is a multi-disciplinary art, direction and designer. I work closely with clients to create thoughtful design solutions that define and elevate brands.

Identity, Logo, Packaging, Editorial, Illustration & Graphic Design Solutions


“Bill designed the logo for my new business. He made it so easy. He was incredibly clear on process and deliverables. He took my design inspirations and created exactly what I was looking for!”

Gretta Cohn
Founder, Transmitter Media

“Part of our success is due to the PM team’s ability to successfully take great quality, artisanal products, and make booze aficionados want to drink them. However great the liquid inside these bottles may be, our mission would not be achievable without making our products desirable to the eye of our customers.

This is where Bill comes in as a key asset.

He has been instrumental in taking my vision and translating it effectively from concept to customer. He immerses himself in our company's culture, gaining a granular level of understanding of the product and its target audience, enabling him to offer solutions that perfectly fit our needs.”

Nicolas Palazzi
Owner, PM Spirits LLC